AnglePane is a comic style WordPress theme that is built using ThemeStarta using the ThemeStarta Framework. As a result, AnglePane is fully optimized SEO optimized. Posts and pages load before sidebars, ensuring that what gets seen first is what matters first. The framework features Schema markup which, unlike microformats, is the only markup recognized by all three major search engines; Google, Bing and Yahoo. Recognizing each page of a website is ranked individually, AnglePane is optimized page by page, guaranteeing your PageRank power is maximized. Dynamic titles and H1 tags on page/post titles ensures your titles are always relevant, focused, and emphasized.

AnglePane is built on the ThemeStarta Framework which runs blindingly fast. It’s fast, but not just thanks to its extremely clean, light and minimal layout code. It’s the snowball effect of all the extra in-built efficiencies that really count, such as minified HTML, minified CSS, loading Google Fonts via wp_enqueue_style instead of the much slower @import, and the optimization of images. Small JavaScript code is loaded inline only when required, while the loading order of scripts and styles is also optimized for maximum performance. And, of course, the theme is not weighed down by any long running scripts. It’s fast because its smart.

Because AnglePane is built upon the ThemeStarta Framework it operates unlike any other WordPress theme. Using brand new innovation, it leverages the full power of dynamic content display by using a highly modular theme file structure. AnglePane is also 100% compatible with the full version of ThemeStarta. With ThemeStarta and AnglePane, you can modify the theme into as unique a comic style WordPress theme as you can imagine.